Responsible Interpreting pt. 1

The recent controversy over the Ministry of Justice interpreting contract has brought to the fore just how much interpreting suffers from a lack of status. In this two part interview with sign language interpreter and researcher, Robyn Dean, I had the chance to discuss with her how her work on interpreter ethics might help strengthen the profession. Today, in part I, we discuss her background and the need for interpreters to learn from the way that medical practitioners are trained.

2 thoughts on “Responsible Interpreting pt. 1

  1. Please caption your videos for Deaf people who may wish to view your videos and use for dissemination with other Deaf people, interpreters, friends, etc…

    • Dear Sandra,
      Thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately, the lag time for this video was too short for it to be captioned before release and the same will be true for the Thursday video. However, captioned versions will be available soon and a full version will be available, with captions, in the New Year.


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