Upcoming Event: Who Needs Languages? A Dialogue

Today, over 100 languages are spoken in Scotland. While English dominates trade, education and politics; the future of Scotland’s other “native” languages: Gaelic, Scots and BSL remains uncertain. As a result of immigration and growing international economic and cultural links, newer language communities have also found a welcoming home in Scotland.

Against this backdrop, Heriot-Watt University is proud to present Who Needs Languages, a half day event aimed at raising awareness of linguistic diversity in Scotland. It will bring together representatives of different language communities, language practitioners (such as teachers, interpreters, translators, and cultural mediators), public and private sector bodies, researchers and policy makers. This will allow the event to serve as a forum to share models of good practice and gain a better understanding of how to manage and support linguistic diversity.

Who Needs Languages will be followed by a networking lunch to encourage continued interaction amongst participants. This event will take place on Monday, 5th December.

Not many places remain for the event so please register your interest now to avoid disappointment. The online registration form is no longer available. Reports coming soon.

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